Past exhibitions


Radio Yerevan // Graw Böckler // Opening March 20, 2013 / 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition March 21st - March 29th 2013

Question to Radio Yerevan – an exhibition with 47 old jokes from the soviet hemisphere


Radio Yerevan is actually not a radio station and it is also not from Yerevan. It is a category of political jokes from the ex-eastern bloc, partly aiming at deconstructing (socialist) ideology. The jokes are aiming at the gap between experienced reality and official ideology during the time of the soviet empire. Artist duo Graw Böckler are using these jokes to structure their actual experience of a trip to Armenia in 2011 and a trip to Estonia in 2012 - both former Soviet Republics. The gap between ideology and reality becomes a gap between words and imagery.

Ivo Gretener is presenting a funny sculpture.



The exhibition is supported by HELD Vodka